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Monday, February 19, 2007

What's in store for 2007?

Hello again. If you've been checking in and wondered how the news suddenly dried up, then blame the holidays. I mean, come on, the holidays only come around once a year and when you're in the festive mood, the last thing on your mind is football, right? Just kidding, football is never far from any Solomon Islander's mind. No, I simply had to focus on other things and GoSoloGo was left on the backburner for a while. Anyway, I'm back, again and a lot has happened since the last update. Some good new and bad news. Good news: The formation of the O-League looks very promising. This is just what the Pacific needed. Bad news: A disappointing Under-20 qualifying campaign given our favourable start to the tournament.

Anyways, 2007 looks set to be another busy year. We've got the following to look forward to:
  • Under-20 World Cup Qualifiers
  • Under-17 World Cup Qualifiers
  • O-League
  • Pacific Games (formerly the South Pacific Games)
  • Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifiers
  • And the rest of the domestic league competitions
That should keep me busy for the year no doubt.

FIFA 2007 Calender

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Solomon Islands vs Portugal Review

The final of the play by play match descriptions.

Solomon Islands vs Portugal
The National Anthem of the Solomon Islands is played. The boys in green stand and face the flag with their hands on their hearts. The Portugal National Anthem follows soon after.

1st Period
Solomon Islands kick off but their first strike from Naka is disappointing. It rolls wide of the goal.

A Portuguese player crosses from the right to his team mate, Madjer who's second attempt beats the keeper in the near corner. Portugal leads 1-0.

A long range free kick from Marinho finds the back off the net. I don't think the keeper expected that. Portugal 2, Solomon Islands 0.

A long cross finds Madjer who taps it easily into the net. 3.

A penalty kick is latched onto by a running Alan and it flies low into the net past the flying keeper. Alan points to the sky. 4.

2nd Period.
Another penalty sees a similar result. This time Madjer puts the ball high into the net. 6.

A long cross finds a Portuguese forward who controls it with his chest then flicks it towards P. Jorge. Unchallenged, he lets it bounce then places it taps it over the keepers arms. That was a well worked goal made to look easy by the Portuguese team. 7.

Madjer's low free kick finds the back of the net. 8.

A throw deep inside the Portuguese half sees Anisua score Solomon Islands first goal in the game. Anisua shielded the ball with his body then tapped it into the top corner. That was a well worked set piece. 8-1.

A shot from a Solomon Islander hits a Portuguese hand. The ensuing free kick sees Joe Luwi score what would be our last goal in the game. It's his first for the tournament and he looks pleased with that. 8-2.

One of the best goals I've seen in the tournament. Portugal restarts. Three of our players stand together to form a wall expecting a shot from kick off. The Portuguese instead plays it short to the head of a running team mate. He heads it towards his other team mate who is running along the opposite flank. He runs to meet the ball with his head and beats the oncoming keeper. The ball rolls along the ground and makes it past the line before our defender could clear it. Wonderful. 9-2.

3rd Period
Hernani heads the ball past the keeper from a long throw then points to the crowd. 10-2.

A long throw from the Portuguese keeper finds his forward. He holds the ball up, finds his man with a cross who heads it goalwards. The keeper gets his hand onto the ball but he can't keep it out. 11-2.

A long throw find Belchior again who lets the ball run, stops then turns and curls the ball into the top corner. He pumps his fist to celebrate. 12-2.

Another long throw finds a Portuguese player deep in our half. He heads it toward the centre of the goal and it's met by the leg of Gustavo. 13-2.

A Portuguese player is tackled but the ball finds its way to another Portuguese player who runs towards goal. He squares it to his team mate as the keeper rushes out and it's another easy goal. 14-2

Another long throw from the keeper find the head of a forward who heads it toward goal but it's cleared by a defender. The ball is gathered by a Portuguese player and the hooter goes to finally end the match. The Bilikiki boys look dejected but they display their sportsmanship by shaking the hand of the players and the referees.

Match Report


Friday, November 10, 2006

Uruguay vs Solomon Islands Review

A continuation of the play by play descriptions. This time it's from the Uruguay- Solomon Islands game.

Uruguay vs Solomon Islands
The Uruguay National Anthem plays and is followed next by the Solomon Islands Anthem.

1st Period
The first half begins and Solomon Islands will kick off. Their first strike goes wide of the right hand post.

Richard Anisua back heels the ball under the legs of a Uruguayan player then tries to run around him but the Uruguayan player stands firm and Anisua concedes a foul when he pushes him in order to regain possession.

A low shot from Oli of Uruguay rebounds off the left post to Coco who unleashes a shot into the net from an acute angle. A desperate tackle from a Solomon defender and the acrobatic attempt at the save from the keeper is in vain. Uruguay leads 1-0.

The Solomon keeper throws a long ball to a Solomon forward who has only the keeper to beat. The keeper rushes out but is beaten by the forward who dribbles to the right side. His shot from the acute angle is well blocked however by the backtracking defenders.

A high flying tackle from a Solomon player is captured by the camera.

Uruguay has a free kick. Miguel puts it easily past the keeper. Uruguay go into the break leading 2-0 and the Uruguay fans are dancing in the stadium.
2nd Period
A high cross into the goal area meets the head of Fabian and it floats over the arms of the keeper and into the net. Miguel is ecstatic and pumps both his hands in the air to celebrate. Uruguay extends their lead to 3.

Solomon Islands kick off and the strike hits the Uruguay keeper hard on the chest and he staggers back as the ball rebounds off him.

A Uruguay player squares the ball to Pampero who hits the ball at speed. It hits a bump on the sand and flies over the diving keeper. That was a lucky goal from Uruguay who now lead 4-0.

Naka challenges strongly for the ball in front of the Uruguayan goal and the Uruguay defender falls down as if been shot from the back. The keeper rushes out towards Naka but Naka passes in time to Henry Koto who Henry Koto who hits a weak shot goal wards. The Uruguayan defender is unable to clear the ball and it rolls into the goal. Solomon Islands finally get on the score sheet but they're still down by a considerable margin (4-1).

A skilful move by a Uruguayan forward where with his back towards goal, flicks it over his head and the Solomon defender, turns and then thumps it into the chest of the rushing keeper.

A lovely floating cross from Naka is wonderfully latched onto by a flying Sylvester Rogy. He times his jump well and the ball beats both the defender and the keeper. Solomon narrows the deficit to 2 goals.

Deep in his own half, Damian shoots the ball goal wards which should've been a comfortable save for the keeper. The ball however hits a bump in front of the goal and goes past the helpless keeper. Damian pumps up the crowd with that effort as Uruguay lead Solomon Islands 5-2.

A running Miguel passes the ball to his team mate who flicks it back to him before he launches the volleys into the netting. That was a wonderful move and a great goal. Uruguay 6, Solomon Islands 2.

The crowd sense their dominance and start celebrating on the stands. Dancers entertain the crowd during the break.

3rd Period
A long accurate throw from the Uruguayan keeper finds Pampero alone and he volleys it into the back of the net with a clinical first strike. Uruguay 7, Solomon Islands 2.

A Uruguayan player attempts an overhead kick from some way out and it hits the crossbar. That would've been another great goal had it gone in.

A Uruguayan player plays a delightful through pass for Matias to chase and scores with a goal in the top corner. He gets up and salutes the crowd. The Bilikiki boys look dejected after those quick goals. Uruguay now lead by 6 and are assured victory with 8 minutes to play.

It's time for the Bilikiki boys to show some of their own skills. Naka passes the ball to Anisua who is heavily guarded by a Uruguayan defender. He backs heels it back to Naka with his first touch. The move fools the Uruguay defence including the keeper. Naka receives the ball and runs past the keeper and rolls it nonchalantly into the empty goal. It manages to cross the line just in time. Solomon Islands get their third goal but are still behind by 5.

A long ball finds Parrillo who turns and shoots. The ball beats the keeper but not the post. It rebounds off then hits the keeper as he turns around and bounces back into the goal. That was an unlucky goal to concede and Uruguay stretches their lead back to 6.

The keeper throws the ball to Henry Koto. He turns sizes up the shot and unleashes a left footer past the keeper. Solomon Islands strike back with another goal. It's now Uruguay 9, Solomon Islands 4.

A free kick from inside their half sees Seba score a wonderful long range goal. Uruguay hits double figure with that goal.

Solomon Islands attempt a strike from the left flank but it goes wide.

A quick counter-attack from Uruguay sees the ball rebound off the right hand post and into open space.

The Bilikiki boys have one last trick. Gideon Omokirio plays a one-two with Naka. Naka back heels the ball while running towards the corner taking with him the Uruguayan defender. Gideon runs onto the ball and slots it past the keeper. That's a wonderful goal to finish the game.

The hooter sounds and Uruguay are comfortable winners, 10-5. The Bilikiki boys are not disheartened however and go to shake their opponent’s hands with smiles on their faces. The Uruguayan supporters chant their team's name and celebrate their team's first win by singing in the stands.

Match Report


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Solomon Islands vs Cameroon Review

For those who can't download the videos, here's the play by play description of the Bilikiki games:

Solomon Islands vs Cameroon
The National Anthem plays as the boys stand hand on heart and sing along. The Cameroon National Anthem plays next and it has an uplifting beat to it. A bit similar to the French Anthem. The players stand, chest out, hands behind their back. When the formalities are over, the Cameroon players walk over to shake the hands of our players.

1st Period
Cameroon kicks off. They attempt to play an aerial ball to their forward but it's easily dealt with by the midfield who immediately launches a counter-attack. After some slick one-two's, our striker taps the ball over the head of a Cameroon defender and half-volleys it straight into the chest of the keeper. It would've been a great goal to start off with. The crowd shows their appreciation. The Cameroon keeper throws the ball up field to a Cameroon forward who tries to flick the ball to his team-mate who's on the other side. He's too far and the ball is intercepted by our defence.

There's a scramble on the sidelines near the Cameroon goalmouth and the ball somehow finds its way to our striker. He attempts a feint which the keeper falls for but his following shot is blocked by the keeper's outreached hands. Our striker attempts to gather the rebound but a Cameroon defender puts in a good shoulder charge to win the ball.

2nd Period
A long range effort from Cameroon is punched out by our keeper.

From the centre, a through pass finds James Naka and he dribbles calmly past the keeper before shooting it into the open goal. The crowd cheers and Naka runs off to celebrate. Bilikiki 1, Cameroon 0.

Cameroon again attempt a shot, this time from the centre, but it flies harmlessly to the left.

There's a tussle in front of the Cameroon goal but Gideon Omokirio manages to get past two defenders before slotting the ball under the oncoming keeper's legs and into the net. Bilikiki 2, Cameroon 0.

A Cameroon player plays a nice through ball into the air where an advancing Cameroon striker lets loose a volley. Our keeper and defender watches as the ball rolls past the goal. That was Cameroon's best chance so far.

Our keeper throws an overhead pass that lands on our striker's feet. With his back to the goal, he lays it off to James Naka who runs onto it and scores again. Bilikiki 3, Cameroon 0.

3rd Period
James Naka and a Cameroon defender fight for possession and Naka wins a free kick after he is pushed. The Cameroon player holds his hand up in denial. Naka steps up for the kick and slots it beautifully into the top corner. The keeper can't do anything but watch the ball go in and James Naka runs off to celebrate. Bilikiki 4, Cameroon 0.

A Cameroon forward runs along the sideline before squaring it to his team mate. The ball rolls past two defenders and the Cameroon strikes a powerful shot into the top corner. Cameroon finally gets on the scoresheet. Bilikiki 4, Cameroon 1.

From an ensuing corner, the ball finds a Cameroon forward who slots it past the keeper with a first time shot. There's little celebration as he goes over to pick the ball out of the net. The Cameroon players are keen to get more goals. Bilikiki 4, Cameroon 2.

Another Cameroon attack. A Cameroon player crosses for the right but our keeper comes out to punch it in time. A Cameroon player and our own struggles to get the loose ball but our players foul the Cameroon player in the process. Cameroon gets a free kick and the ball is shot straight into our keeper's chest. It rebounds off to the same player and his volley is saved in spectacular fashion by the keeper. He fumbles it though but gathers it quickly. The crowd cheers. The keeper gets up and tells the team to remain cool then throws a long ball onto Kames Naka. Naka with his back to the goal flicks the ball over his head to his team mate on the right without looking. He runs forward afterwards into the goal mouth waiting for the cross. The player with the ball goes down the touch line before cutting back inside. He tries to pass it to Naka but a Cameroon legs gets in the way and the ball goes out of play.

A long ball finds a Cameroon player deep in our half. He fires a quick shot but it's well handled by the keeper.

Another long ball finds the same Cameroon player. He tries to pass it back to his team mate but the ball is intercepted by our player. He passes it to Naka then makes a forward run. Naka holds the ball up then fires a left footer from centre that beats the flying keeper. It's a wonderful long range effort and the crowd shows their appreciation. Naka celebrates again. Bilikiki 5, Cameroon 2.

Cameroon has a corner but it's easily taken care of by the defence. A quick counter-attack is launched and the ball is passed out right where a player dribbles down the flank. He passes it into the centre but the keeper gathers the ball.

Cameroon in attack. A cross from the right meets a Cameroon player. He chests it down before another Cameroon player runs onto it and attempts a shot. The ball is well blocked by the rushing keeper. The ball doesn't go out and the keeper gathers it. He throws it to a player but it's intercepted and Cameroon again tries to find their next goal. The next shot is straight into the body of our keeper and the ball rebounds out. The final hooter goes and the players go to shake each others hands. The final score is Bilikiki 5, Cameroon 2.

Match Report


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Watch videos of Bilikiki games

I thought I should mention this. If you go to the FIFA website, you can view video highlights from the Beach Soccer World Cup games. All games are covered including Solomon Islands'. If you haven't seen them yet, then I highly recommend you do so.

You'll need to have a high speed internet connection to be able to view them as they're streamed at 100kb/s and 300kb/s. If you're on dial-up or anything slower, you're better off downloading it as it'll be virtually impossible to view them online.

Right click on the following links and select 'Save Target As'.

Solomon Islands vs Cameroon
Solomon Islands vs Uruguay
Solomon Islands vs Portugal

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No miracles for Bilikiki team

Despite Cameroon’s shocking victory against Uruguay, there would be no miracles for the Bilikiki boys as they slumped to a 14-2 defeat to Portugal. There really is anything else to say - the result speaks for itself. Disappointing? Definitely. Unexpected? Not really. Portugal judging from past tournaments is the second best team behind Brazil and today they displayed that.

That heavy defeat left us on 3 points, equal to Uruguay. They however advance to the quarter-finals due to their better goal difference. We remain on third ahead of Cameroon. This probably wasn't the way we would've wanted to go out but coming into this tournament, we really weren't given any chance. We performed brilliantly against Cameroon, performed remarkably well against Uruguay and just met a fired up Portugal side today. Despite two defeats, we managed a win and therefore leave the tournament better than when we arrived.

All things considered, it was a successful tournament for us. The Bilikiki team represented the Oceania region and our country with pride and I'm sure the boys will be welcomed home as heroes which they truly deserve.

Cheers Bilikiki.

Portugal strut their stuff
Quarter-finals taking shape